El Jem (Tunisia)

El jem is popular for its amphitheater in tunisia, built by Romans in third century. It has a seating limit of around 35,000 individuals, stands 30m high, with a width of well more than 100 meters, nearly as vast as the Colosseum in Rome. Many visitors come here to perceive what it resembled to be inside what was before a place where lions and individuals met their destiny.




Timgad (Algeria)

Timgad is the Pompeii of Africa. Worked around 100 AD under Emperor Trajan for security from the troublesome Berbers, it is a perfect work of art of Roman city arranging. Indeed, even today, after hundreds of years have passed, this pioneer town in Algeria's Aurès Mountains still symbolizes the exemplification of the lattice design: a key component of urban arranging under the Romans.


Volubilis (Morocco)

The Roman ruins of Volubilis sit in the middle of a fertile plain about 33km north of Meknès, and can easily be combined with nearby Moulay Idriss to make a fantastic day trip from Meknès. The city is the best-preserved archaeological site in Morocco and was declared a Unesco World Heritage site in 1997. Its most amazing features are its many beautiful mosaics preserved in situ.