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#WonderlustMorocco (LIVE images from Morocco)

Various activities across the country...

Motorcycling, Trekking, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking & rafting..– Morocco is the natural home of these adrenaline pumping activities. With a glorious sunny coastline that stretches over a thousand miles and some amazing trade-winds that sweep in off the Atlantic for most of the year, it’s no wonder that fans of wind-sports come from across the globe to harness the breeze and master the waves and the road.


Motorcycling in Fez

With the imposing Middle Atlas mountain range to the south, and the wild Rif mountains in the north, Fez is a fantastic base for a motorbike adventure. There are several local companies in the city who will hire you a bike and all the gear you need for your two-wheeled trek, then the road is yours!
Ride just a few miles out of the city and you’ll soon find yourself climbing in the foothills with the mountain trail underneath your wheels. 

Rafting & Kayaking

Morocco, so often thought of as a hot desert country, is actually a fantastic destination for kayaking and rafting. With four major mountain ranges running through the kingdom (the High Atlas, Middle Atlas, Anti-Atlas and the Rif) the country is riven with lush valleys, dramatic gorges and sparkling rivers.
Whether you want to paddle along the rich Ahansal river close to the edge of the Sahara, crash through exhilarating white water pouring down from the Cascade d’Ouzoud or explore one of the many other beautiful bodies of water in Morocco, there are numerous companies here who will arrange your whole trip for you, ensuring you have nothing to think about apart from enjoying your wonderful holiday.




Morocco is a surfing destination par excellence; with an Atlantic coastline stretching over 1,000 miles from Tangier to Dakhla this is a swell-saturated coast with a huge range of breaks. Even better, though the surf scene is massive in Morocco, the extensive coastline means that there are so many places to catch waves there's more than enough surf to go round.

If you’ve never stood on a board before, help will be on hand from one of the many surf schools along the coast, who can also rent equipment and even organise your whole holiday. Warm water, long beaches and great swell; come along and find out why Morocco is the hottest place to surf.