Various activities across the country...

Motorcycling, Trekking, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking & rafting..– Morocco is the natural home of these adrenaline pumping activities. With a glorious sunny coastline that stretches over a thousand miles and some amazing trade-winds that sweep in off the Atlantic for most of the year, it’s no wonder that fans of wind-sports come from across the globe to harness the breeze and master the waves.

Motorcycling in Fez:

With the imposing Middle Atlas mountain range to the south, and the wild Rif mountains in the north, Fez is a fantastic base for a motorbike adventure. There are several local companies in the city who will hire you a bike and all the gear you need for your two-wheeled trek, then the road is yours!
Ride just a few miles out of the city and you’ll soon find yourself climbing in the foothills with the mountain trail underneath your wheels.